Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hi all. Well, I am very slack, only blogging once a week! I do intend on picking up my game but I have been a little busy of late, finishing my Greenleaf Spring Fling contest entry. I hope to be able to post photos when I finish it (which will obviously be this weekend, given entries close on Monday!!). I am very pleased with how it has turned out, but I am sort of rushing it a bit now, given how little time I have left, so I don't think I'll be completely happy with the landscaping. Never mind.

I think I will post some pics of another hobby of mine: Blythe doll!! Sort of minis, right? She is 1:6 scale (Barbie size). To the right is an outfit that I did some time ago. Her little beanie has a brooch attached which is made from ribbon roses, ribbons and beads. The coat is double breasted with little shank buttons and is fully lined. She also has stripey cord pants, which are super-soft. Love this fabric. The Blythe who is modelling is Star Dancer. She is one of my favourites, she is just so photogenic, and stunning in real life.

And on the left is another one I've done. The little cardigan is pre-knitted fabric. Her skirt you can see is actually a pinafore and has tiny 2-hole buttons down the front. I like this one.

The sill thing is, I always sell them to buy more Blythes, but never get around to making outfits for my girls I already have! Things must change!!

Will try to post again soon, when I have finished my Spring Fling!! Stay tuned!

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