Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spring fling entry!

Miss Mousy's House is done!

I've finally finished. Well, sort of. There are still things I want to do to it, but I ran out of time. I am happy with it though. It is basically small one-inch scale. Everything is 1:12 but generally on the small side.

This first pic is the upstairs kitchen/living area. The stove is a Phoenix kit. The majority of the accessories are metal minis, which I have handpainted myself. I made the chair - as if you couldn't tell!

This shows a close-up of the stove and mantle. The plate is the only item I didn't handpaint. the pictures are ones that I printed out off my home computer. I made the daffodil.
This is the sitting area. The table is set with Miss Mousy's best china. She has her mail ready to open, once the kettle has boiled.This shows the downstairs where Miss Mousy sleeps. And sews.
This is her bed, tucked into a bay window. Her teddy sits against her lacy pillow. On the stool beside the bed is a little radio and some books.
This shows the vanity, a small Bespaq chest handpainted with some accessories on top, including a comb and mirror, a framed picture, a jar of moisturiser, a candle, a canister and a framed picture (this was meant to be a mirror, but I don't have any mirror sheet right now). Her carpet bag sits beside the chest.This shows the sewing table and her armoire in the background. She has a pile of fabrics ready to be sewn, buttons on cards, embroidery threads and scissors and a teddy bear watching over her.

I hope to put more pics into my Webshots gallery. I will post a link shortly when I have done this.

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