Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some more awards

Thank you so much for my awards guys. Doreen and San each gave me this:

I am going to forward this award to Liberty Biberty for her adorable and original work, as well as her home decorating.

Also, I will send it to Linda for her beautiful work, and for creating a little bit of France in Australia! Good to see I am not alone here.

In regard to my mini house, I must admit I have been a little lazy of late. Just can't seem to get into it. The fires haven't helped, I am very tired and have been trying to get ready for our France holiday. Not getting very far. I will try to get something done this week so that I have something interesting to show you.


  1. Hi Shannon, Thank you so much for my first ever award! I had just been lamenting to a friend about how my dollhouse seems rather inadequate compared to all the ones on the blogs I've been visiting. She keeps telling my there is nothing wrong with my little house it's as good as all the rest, then I showed her your blog and we saw the award!
    You've really made my week! I'm glad you like what I do and you've encouraged me to keep up with the blogging!
    Thanks again!

  2. Hello Shannon,
    I did not know I even had any followers!!! Thank you,
    and you are like me a big fan of Lea and her florist house! And your house is so
    I will certainly add you in my page listing to keep me and everyone else updated on your lovely work.

  3. Hey Shannon! I am now very happy to be passing an award on to you. Pop over and collect it sometime. Hope everything's ok.