Monday, March 2, 2009

Little Red's Tea Room

Sorry all for my absence. I have spent the last 2 weeks at fires - Wilson's Prom and then Noojee (Bunyip Ridge fire), and now have some time to get these pics up.

This is my entry for the Creating Contest for last year. I didn't win but I did get an honourable mention, which is pretty cool!

This one shows Little Red's cape hanging beside the door.

This is the cake cabinet I made from an old Realife kit. I painted all the cakes and pies inside. In fact, I painted everything in the entire house except for a plate or two on the hutch. Oh and the Chrysnbon straw holder.

Here is a bench seat in the corner. The pictures in the house are all vintage Little Red Riding Hood pictures I found on the WWW.

This shows the fireplace I made. There are a couple of guns and a sword for killing stray wolves. The wolf's head is mounted above the fireplace. I made it from paperclay and flocked it. It has paper teeth!! It's not particularly good, but never mind, I like it anyway. It seems strangely pleased... not sure why!

This one is the prep table in the kitchen.

And here is the stove. I like how you can see through the door into the tearoom.

And lastly, thanks for the award Mercedes!

So five things I love:
1. My doggy Tilly. So very sweet and so prickly at the same time! She is sometimes called the cat-dog.
2. My little family - my partner, my mum and my doggy.
3. My home. It still requires work, but is looking so pretty.
4. Creating, mostly minis and sewing.
5. Chocolate. And pizza. Food really, love food!


  1. Everything so nice, i like the way the curtain fell and the atmosphere of the house. Lucky Little Red Hood.

  2. Shannon, nice to see you back and healthy! I took sometime to go through your pictures and admire your work. So many things I want to know:did you
    1) plaster the walls yourself?
    2)fix the lights?
    3) made those gorgeous kettle and pot??
    4) all the kitchen utensils?
    5) garden? is the photo shot in a garden ??
    Sorry the questions are almost as long as your posts :)! love your pics.

  3. It's so nice, al those details, lovely!!!
    greeting Sylvia

  4. Oh, my goodness Shannon, that is just so beautiful. I can't wait to show it to Liberty when she wakes up in the morning. You are so very clever.
    Good on you for helping with the fires. Lovely to have you back!

  5. Welcome back Shannon...
    Love this little cottage, what fun I bet you had making it all. Love the Wolf head mounted over the Fireplace.
    Gave me a giggle..

  6. I love your Little Red's Tea Room. Great imagination and decor. The wolf's head trophy just adds to the whole scene. Well done.

  7. Oh how lovely, my first visit here and I was not disappointed. How long did it take you to make?

  8. Wonderful...I love the thatching you did...very effective.


  9. smilernpb - it took about 7 months, but it got left for long periods of time during that 7 months!

    The thatching was a bit of a last resort. I did it out of paperclay and just used a fine-bladed knife to give the texture. If I wasn't so lazy, I would've made it fancier than I did, but ran out of time and patience!

  10. Wow I'd never have guessed that was paperclay...looks great. I love that stuff :-)

  11. Congratulations on your HBS honorable mention! The Tea room is just great!

    Nell Corkin

  12. I´m in love with that little house, looks so cosy and and warm !!! A wonderful place on earth !!! You did a great job on this... and of course all your works and lovly details

  13. Fabulous!
    I love every detail!
    Thank you for the inspiration!