Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photos of the Petite Trianon

I could quite happily live in the Petite Trianon. This was built by Louis 16 and Marie Antoinette and was where Marie Antoinette spent a lot of her time. It was just so seriously gorgeous and many of the rooms were quite small and cosy.

This photo shows her bedroom with the fabric made especially for her.The furniture all matched and it was sold off after her arrest, but most of it was recovered and put back in the Petite Trianon (from recollection by Napoleon), except for the bed which was never found.

Next is the sitting room which was beside her bedroom. It had a panel which was on some sort of sliding track which came up through the floor to cover the window (you can see it reflected in the mirror - it's halfway over the window).

Lastly is a small sleigh, which looks much larger than it actually was. I don't think it would even fit a child in it (except for a very small one!). Very cute.

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  1. Oh, what pretty rooms! Who wouldn't feel like a Queen in them?! Thanks so much for sharing!