Sunday, June 7, 2009

New little house

I don't really like it much. Well, I like the exterior but will probably redo the interior. Which may be difficult given it is basically impossible to get the bed out - it broke as I was trying to get it in, it was such a tight squeeze. It was for the Greenleaf Spring Fling, and I just didn't have enough time to do it. I kept changing my mind about what to do, so that didn't help!

Here is an overall shot of the interior.

Next is a shot of the living area. To the right is the kitchen part. I have some better photos, but they're on my other computer. The Phoenix stove (on the far right) is now in my French shop!

Next, the bedroom.

Next is the exterior. The front has a telescope for watching ships and sand castles.

Lastly, a side shot. Not too exciting. For some reason, the stick was to be standing up.

I think when I redo the interior, it will be in the colourway of the exterior - more blue-grey and rustic colours. Also needs more seaside-y things inside.


  1. The house is just gorgeous little beach-house! I really like the shape and the bunting and the windows and really the interior too. It might be a bit different style from the outside, but it's lovely as a whole. Will look forward to see what you'll do with it!

  2. I think the outside is wonderful! The faded blue looks great.

    The inside is lovely. But it somehow it doesn't fit with the way the outside looks. I'm guessing that's why you feel the need to redo it?

    You did better than I did. You finished yours in time for the contest! ;-)

  3. I think your project has a lot of charm. I live on the coast and I have seen a number of beach cottages with curved roofs. Usually though they are built with a curve that more closely resembles the hull of a boat. Many small real life cottages were indeed made from an overturned boat hull, other cottages were designed to imitate those real boat hull roofs.

    A planked ceiling inside the upper story supported with curved beams would bring the project closer to achieving that nautical origin look but would be more work than you might care to do.

  4. Oh, I think it's wonderful! Very cozy and pretty! You did an awesome job . . . it would be a shame to change anything!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement guys! I will have a think about the interior and go looking for some inspirational pictures and then maybe I will have a crack at the interior.

    Karin, I love your ideas for the ceiling. I was thinking last night that tongue and groove panelling would be great for the walls, and this would really suit a timber ceiling.

    A lot of modern homes in our area also have curved rooflines (they vary from a slight curve to full semi-circular arcs) but I'm not a fan of modern architecture! I would like to do the roof of something else. Or maybe I will just put fascia boards on the exterior to make it look thicker.

    Thanks Teresa, glad you like it! I like the interior too, but as I said, I was just too rushed. I did the interior first and then couldn't figure out what to do with the exterior! So as a result, they ended up being quite different.

  6. Eeeek! I LOVE it Shannon! The colours are all gorgeous!

  7. I think it looks wonderful.

    I love how the bed is a tight squeeze...looks like it is meant to be there.

  8. I think it's a lovely house, but... I would change some colors inside. I'd paint the very yellow window (broken) white and I'd subsitute the dark green sofa with lighter colors (sea shell inspired). And add white bed linens & lace.
    I think you could already achieve a (french) nicer touch with these adjustments. The other chairs and kitchen cupboard are already superbe.

  9. I just love this little beach house! its wonderful, great job! Makes me want to pack my bags and move in for a much needed vacation!

  10. I think it is lovely Shannon. I wouldn't change a thing. I want to curl up with a good book on that cozy looking bed. Mini hugs!

  11. I so love that quaint little house and I think your idea of making the interior colours match the exterior is brilliant. Next project?

  12. I love this! The shape of the roof and that shade of blue are just so perfect!