Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exciting news

I had some of my cottages printed in the current issue of Miniature Collector magazine! Unfortunately they got my name wrong. Ah well, I have always been called Sharon by those who don't know me/have just met me.

Also, in case you are interested, I will be starting a blog on my sewing/dress-making. I have been stewing over this change in career for quite a few years, and now finally I have taken some steps towards starting my own clothing label. It will be classic/vintage in style, not trendy. Anyways, this is it if you wish to see how I go on my journey!


  1. Miniature Collector did the same thing to me! But at least my name sounds the same even when spelled wrong.

  2. Congratulations Sharon ;)
    I'll go and look at the magazine right now.
    And good luck with your new business!

  3. Congratulations with the magazine and good luck with your business.

  4. Congrats Shannon! I've never seen that magazine before, since I'm new to minis and dollhouses. Will have to keep my eyes out for it.

  5. Yea Shannon! Or, is it Sharon (sic). How wonderful! Cannot imagine how they could not recognise your wonderful talents. I'll be sure to look up the issue ... and good luck with your new venture.

  6. How wonderful is that fireplace/heater in the 'coat room' ... tried to find the issue with your work ... but this, at most, mediocre mini shop over here doesn't even carry it. So will have to wait and get a back issue when I go south. BTW I've tried to send you three emails (all the same subject), and I keep getting them returned with a 'fatal errors' attachment, which, if anyone one hadn't a lick of computer sense, a term that would scare the be jaysus out of 'em! Did you change your address?