Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New inspiration

My husband and I have been planning our next France trip (a whole 12 months + away but you can never start too early I always say!) so we're excited about all things French at the moment. Especially given that we were supposed to be going in about 2 months but have put it off to next year. So we got thinking about going back to the chateau where we got engaged and decided we had to go back there for a couple of nights. Here are some pictures of the gorgeous interior which may inspire some of you Francophiles!

This was the room we stayed in:

This was our bathroom:

This was the breakfast nook tucked in the passageway between the bathroom and bedroom:

Another breakfast setting in one of the rooms (one of my favourite rooms - I even bought this fabric for my own home!):

Gorgeous bedroom:

This was the King's bedroom (apparently they had to include a King's bedroom in case he came to stay - for the record, he never did!):

The coat room:

The hallway. The staircase, entry and central halls had hundreds of handcarved corbells with gargoyles/trolls/animals etc on them, and every one was different:

This is the exterior of the chateau. It was built in the mid-1800's I believe and has 120 rooms. We only got to see the bottom 2 storeys plus the basement (kitchen/servant's quarters). We stayed in the room in the tower on the left hand side of the photo, second window up.

So we want to go back to explore a bit better and to see the parts that have been restored since we went. Hope you find these inspiring!


  1. Ahhhhh so beautiful. What is the name of the chateau?

  2. Absolute wonderful pics, thank you for sharing with us (-:

  3. Yes, please, the name of the chateau?

  4. Is a very beautiful castle! Thanks for sharing with us...

  5. Shannon ... what a lucky girl ... you must have felt like a queen with all that pampering elegance! Absolutely love the fireplace/heater in the entry way, and the wee breakfast enclosure.

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