Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some half scale furniture

In my never-ending search for half scale furniture, I found these little pieces on Etsy (oh Etsy, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...). They arrived in these little boxes with a pretty ribbon tied around each one. Soooo cute! Plus the seller sent some little doilies and some metal findings. So sweet! I haven't unboxed them all - they were just too cute - but in the remaining boxes are four side chairs and another arm chair to match the one in the pictures.

Although they will not go into the Rosedale, I've photographed them here just because it looks better than on my kitchen bench!


  1. Lia and Alma are really sweet lades. I met them a few times and they are truly lovely. Have fun, Rosanna

  2. WOW I hd no idea half scale furniture was so pretty. I agree. I LOVE Etsy too.

  3. Living in Tasmania...I have no idea what I would do without Etsy!!!

    You little chair looks very sweet.

  4. The chairs are beautiful. Now I really must get onto Etsy to see if I can find furniture for my 24th scale Georgian house I think! Judith x

  5. So nice to have your purchases received this way and the furniture are lovely.

  6. Very nice. I have my half scale house tucked away half built. Might have to do another someday