Saturday, September 17, 2011

French shop needs maintenance already!!

I learnt a lesson the other day - those styrene sheets don't stay white. The floor tiles that I haven't painted have yellowed. You can see in the photo that half the flooring is yellow and the rest is still white. I don't even keep my house in sunlight. Very disappointing. Now it will need to be painted.

On the upside, I managed to almost finish the spare bedroom. I need to hook the light up and then hang some pictures. Then I think it's done. (for the record, my husband bought me a spanky new camera and it's taking awesome pics so easily - no skill required!!)

I have actually been doing other mini-ing, but right now I can't find the photos... Perhaps I'll take some more with the new camera.

And lastly, just thought I'd throw in a pic of the chest of drawers in my real life spare bedroom, where the dollhouse currently resides.

Hope you all enjoy the remains of the weekend.


  1. Bad luck about the discolouration.

    I just love your mini spare room, the style and colours are so pretty and restful, and I must say from that little tiny peek of your 'real size' spare room it looks wonderful too!

  2. It's a beautiful room and the furniture of his house also. You'll have to repaint, but it will work formidble, which then show us your new camera. I'll be waiting for your photos.

  3. Just beautiful and so romantic .I love it! Jeannette

  4. It's a pity about the tiles (I've used that so much watch out for it) but the furniture in your little room is lovely.

  5. This room is gorgeous. So beautiful, I want to move in! Judith x

  6. I like the bedroom and the bed is wonderful !

  7. I love your furniture in the spare room. You've done a fabulous job with the finishes.

  8. The bed and chair are wonderful, as is the whole room ... and what else would you do but wonderful. A small package of fabric scraps will be on its way tomorrow, hope you find something you can use (sent along two samples of the red stripe I tried bleach on). Your life-size bedroom dresser has the same look as the French chifferobe I keep all my lace and treasure in ... so pretty with the different wood veneers and marquetry.

  9. Con un buen trabajo y una buena camara seguro que las fotos serĂ¡n excepcionales.
    Un abrazo