Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kensington Dollshouse Festival

Well, I am a little late in posting this. But being back at work really takes up time! The festival was great. I didn't get any photos, but here is what I bought!

Some tiny perfume bottles from Gerd Felka. My husband and I wondered if the stoppers came out but I was too afraid to try. As it turns out, the do come out!

A needle case with opening lid, a thimble and a baby rattle, all turned from timber. It is mind-boggling that someone can do this.

Some ceramic vases in 1" and 1/2" scales from Poteries Miniatures (Elisabeth Causeret).

A very cute little teddy from Ankinaki A. So so cute and so hard to decide from her gorgeous selection.

A little dollhouse and duck pulling a cart from Veronique Lux. I have wanted Veronique's stuff (all of it!!) for so long, so it was great to finally get some pieces.

There was lots of great stuff. I could've come home with tonnes of stuff, but didn't have that much money. Plus, I did have one big splurge, for my French chateau I will build one day, but will save that for another day. I am awaiting some more pieces that goes with it, so will show you when they arrive!

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