Monday, July 2, 2012

Need Blogger advice please!!

As you can see, I've finally updated by blog a little but not sure I'll keep it like this. Contemplating prettying it up a bit. But in the meantime, I am hoping someone with more Blogger expertise can tell me how to get rid of the 'this picture or video has been removed' picture. I've tried deleting the background and all, but obviously that didn't work. And I googled for an answer but came up with nothing. Thanks guys!


  1. Hiya, try this... log into your blog, click 'view blog' then in the corner of the 'video' thing you want to remove you should see a small tool icon, click it and this should open up a box that will allow you to remove this from your blog.
    Hope it works.

  2. I would not keep it, those missing photobucket notifications are links to other websites, the top one is to shabbyblogs, the other one takes you to the photobucket website.

    One thing you can do to is to right click to view source code and then use the find tool to locate things like shabby blog. But unless you know how to edit html it is not something you should bother messing with. Just search and find another template you like.

  3. Karin is absolutely correct. I had a Shabbyblogs (I think it's now a defunct source) template that showed all the messages too. I did edit the HTML code and removed them, but in the end I went for a complete change and updated and changed my template.

    Michelle xx