Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some progress on my half scale projects

I have been busy trying to get my Etsy store going and making clothes for the upcoming local maker's market, so haven't been making a lot of progress on anything this year. But I have got some pics of progress on my half scale projects.

The Buttercup is coming along. Below are pics of the bedroom and the kitchen half of the downstairs. Will need to go accessory shopping, but for now, at least I have the bedroom furniture (although I think something is needed in the front gable window area). I have also started on the landscaped base but it's not ready for any photos!

The floorboards are painted styrene sheets. I am really happy with them for a rustic cottage floor.

Below is the Chantilly bedroom which also needs some accessories. I will have to figure out how I'll fill the gaps where the roof pieces join. Perhaps I will just fill them and then paint over them. I hope I can remember what colours I painted it! I also think the rug needs toning down!
 I made the bedhead. It is pretty basic, but fits the room.
 The Chantilly salon with a chest I made from cardboard and wood. I will need to find handles that are small enough to fit it, which may be a problem. I hope to be able to handpaint some sort of floral design onto it.

And now the Rosedale. I used the Brodnax parquet flooring for the salon, bedroom and hall (as seen through the doorway) but fell just a little short. Dang. Not sure if this bed will stay yet.

The salon, with the cutest little sofa. I have painted the walls, but will add panelling and then repaint it. Probably the same pink, but maybe ivory. I have a fireplace awaiting a top coat to go on the left wall once I've made the hearth. Little table looks a little stark though....
Hope you are all well, and for those of you in the southern hemisphere, enjoying a little spring sunshine.


  1. Love your rustic floor! The bed in Chantilly bedroom is very nice. Maybe you can use some of the smallest beads for handles on the chest.

  2. It`s looking wonderful, Love the furniture you have chosen for it.


  3. I have seen staples used as door pulls before. Maybe that could work?

    Ugh - the word verificication is horrible!!

  4. It looks amazing- especially when you think how small it is! Nice work :)

  5. It looks adorable! Keep up the good work!