Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Other non-mini projects

I have had an extremely busy year so far. From January to April, we had many bushfires here in Victoria, so I spent most of my time working 14 hour days. But I find it very enjoyable work, so although it was tiring, it was fun.

We have been doing some work around the house such as painting and making shelves in my sewing room. This is good because now I have space to actually sew in my sewing room, and also some extra space to store my mini projects so I can work on multiples at a time.

I have also been trying to get my clothing business going, so I am working on a business plan, sewing clothes, making some accessories, time management and schedules, etc. Below are some pictures of my brooches I've been making from velvet flowers and other millinery items, and also a picture of me!

Cherry brooch with mushrooms:

A mauve and purple velvet rose brooch:
And lastly, me modelling one of the skirts I make: 

My Etsy store can be found here:
Hope your week has been pleasant!

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