Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The English house is coming along

It has been an extremely busy three months for me, which is why I didn't get this house completed, as per my goal of finishing by Christmas! Best laid plans and all....

Still, I have finished most of the shell interior - wallls, cornice/skirting/architrave, floors, etc. I am disappointed that I didn't add any more windows. All the windows in this house are on the removable wall panels so when you take them off, there are no windows to see. I have also done a good proportion of the exterior finishing. 

I will now need to collect/make a heap of accessories. Many of the furnishings and accessories were from my very first dollhouse which I pulled apart, and were made from kits. 

Here is the entry hall, almost finished. I discovered a big bubble in the wallpaper beside the stairs above the umbrella stand which I was really disappointed about. Nevertheless, I have a painting that will cover it nicely. The white table won't stay. I will get a timber one I think.

Next is the sitting room. I am reasonably happy with how this came out. It needs a heap of accessories and pictures yet. I was wanting a leaded or etched glass panel for the door to this room (as well as the dining room) but haven't sorted that yet.

I'm not sure about the colour of the coffee table, but I think if I painted it black, it will get lost.

Next is the dining room. It is still quite plain. I almost like the sideboard at the back, but don't think it will stay. Although it does need something quite large there. I should've put a window on the left wall.

I have the very cute early 20th century teaset from Phoenix Model Developments on the table, but not sure how to paint it - white? Shiny? Silver? Ideas anyone?

Next is the kitchen. I really like this room but wanting to get it just so! I will keep playing with this one a little. Trying to find or make the perfect pieces is a bit of trial and error.

Here is a close-up of the hutch

Next, up to the bathroom. I will add a shower curtain around the bath, and need to make a shower rose..... One of those things that I have to talk myself into! Initially I wasn't sure about the green floor tiles, but now I quite like them. A rug will help tone them down. I also can't find the right piece of furniture to use as a sink/vanity. 

Next is the master bedroom, which is also quite naked. All the furniture is what I made for my first dollhouse. It is difficult wallpaper to match for fabric/colours. I do love the little fireplace.

Wow, it's all so dusty! Poor housekeeping!

Here is the little back room, the music room. I think the cabinet (which is currently only undercoated) looks too "blocky" - not sure I'll use it. I might put in my Chrysnbon sewing machine instead, but it looks very fine and tiny. Need that happy medium!

I have not posted any photos of the other bedroom as I am just not happy with the wall colour. I am considering a wallpaper option instead, but again struggling with that. Perhaps I will gather the courage to post a photo and get some ideas from people. For now, it will stay hidden!

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break. I certainly have - I have taken this week off work which has been lovely. TTFN!


  1. It sounds as though you have plenty of good ideas to keep you going. I do like your floor in the hall and the leather sitting room furniture is nice too. The way you have arranged the bedroom furniture with the bedhead against the wall, looks as though folk have just moved in!

    I'm going to enjoy your progress with this.

  2. oh I think Im in love with your English house, can we have a peek at the bedrooms pretty please :)


  3. Oh, lovely! I especially like the tile work that you've done in some of the rooms! Regarding the coffee table, I think it works well in the room...the wood tone is the same as the base/legs of the chairs, so it doesn't look like an orphan or anything. Will be interested to see what you do next...

  4. It's all looking so English and cosy!
    I have trouble with those dollhouse inhabitants not being so good at dusting too!

  5. Hi Shannon
    If you are having trouble with threading the wires through the wall what I do is use a very fine florists wire and bend it in half push it through the hole into the room, then thread the lighting wire into into ( a bit like a needle) and gently pull it back through you can get into some very tricky places using this method..
    Good luck
    Deb :)

  6. Hi Deb. That is a great idea. I tried needles and they are all too thick or thin but never thought of a piece of bent wire! Will try that next time.