Friday, June 13, 2014

You win some, you lose some

Or maybe knowing when to quit?

Had a bit of a mixed day today but regardless got a fair bit done on the English house. It is rainy and cold and wintery so a great day to be tucked under the eaves working on minis. Except for all the hassles, breakages and defects.

I put some wall lights in the bathroom, which meant the usual - drill holes through the wall into the next room, pull wires through wall and attach light to wall. The thing is, I needed to drill through the ceiling and cornice in the next room to get the wires through into the roof space and into the channel to travel down the back to the switch thingos. So the wires of the  first light worked Ok after about 10 minutes of moving and jiggling and swearing. I had to get the wires through about 4cm of ceiling and cornice, so had to make the hole smooth and wide. When drilling the hole for the second wire, the drill bit got stuck in the ceiling and I split the cornice. Grrr. Took an intermission, some chocolate, pliers, more swearing and patience to work the drill bit out. Then got the light wires through the wall and ceiling and the wires snapped off the light with absolutely no way of being able to reattach them, so guess what? I stuck the light in anyway. Just like in real houses, 'the globe has blown'....

I wallpapered the bedroom next to the bathroom, which was initially painted, which I didn't like. I therefore had to do the wiring in the bathroom first. It is a little bubbly, but mostly Ok, nothing that won't be covered with pictures. The most annoying thing, which I never noticed when it was painted, was that the back wall appears to be two seperate pieces joined, so there is a ridge running up the middle of wall, and the wallpaper makes it really obvious. Strange. So more pictures, and a chair needed! You can see the light shade, which I handpainted with purple roses.

I actually was hoping the wallpaper was greener, but I am happy with it anyway. Or rather, at the end of my patience! Also, I've since painted the armoire a pretty apple green. And yeah, bedding not finished yet and just pinned on!

The kitchen is just about finished. It really only needs accessories now, which I am working on.

And lastly, the laundry is all tiled and painted. I need a scrap of cream paper for the ceiling and some sort of small moulding for the wall/ceiling joint. And the light is now attached to the wall! You can see on the floor my laundry trough, but it needs a little gap filler, another coat of paint and some legs. The laundry actually looks much larger than I thought it would be. I hope to fit a little old washing machine in there.

Hope you enjoyed my little update.Happy weekend everyone. I hope the weather is better where you are!


  1. Thank you for your kind words regarding my last post.
    I just live your little kitchen! Keep persevering with the lighting, it does get easier as you go along!

  2. I share your pain with lighten and wallpapering! I've experienced both problems with my latest project. Certain patterns highlight bad walls too. Priming does help.

    I don't just use normal dolls house wallpapers, I also use ones that have been printed on a printer (A4 size) and this tends to be done on thicker paper, so hides a multiple of sins, downside the join lines can show in certain light. The best overall one is scrapbooking paper...great sized sheets and paper hides all sorts! :)

    It's a lovely sized house full of interesting shaped rooms! Love the era too. :o)

    Michelle ;o)

  3. I have just found your blog and I think your house is just lovely. I have become a follower, so I won't miss anything!!! Persevere with the lighting, it'll be worth it.
    All the best