Sunday, July 13, 2014

Melbourne Miniatures Show

This weekend I made the journey to Melbourne for the local miniatures show. I was really impressed. I unfortunately didn't make enough time to really have a good look, so next year I will make sure I have longer. There are some very talented artisits selling their minis, which included plants, food,mknitted and crocheted items, paper goods and lots more. I picked up a few things, however I plan to have some more money to spend next year! I passed up too many cute things that I would've liked to take home.

So here are the things that did come home with me:

A very sweet and tiny baby rabbit toy on the Marcee chair (I had wanted this set for some time and got it at a good price):

Next are some little resin baskets, a sugar and creamer set and a cruet set. I couldn't get the handle into the stand, so I'll have to sand out the hole first.

I had been thinking over the last couple of years about how to make mini tassels for my French chateau. These are some very beautiful ones from Versailles:

Then I saw these amazing tiny tassels made by a member of the Victorian Association of Miniature Enthusiasts, and I had to have one. This one attached to scissors, but others were for drapes or hanging off furniture.

It is TINY so my photos are not great.

And I also dug out my collection of tiny dolls, scaled to be a 1:12 child's doll. I finished these years ago, and they need some attention and finishing. They were made by Pat Boldt.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I will try to get some more photos of my Mountfield up soon, so you can see the progress on that.


  1. Hi Shannon! It seems you've had a great time at the fair. I can imagine that you wished you had some more time to spent there...and even if you could have that extra time, you can't see all of it, is my own experience ;)!
    But your purchases are very elegant, stylish and beautiful! I love the dolls, they are beauties ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. You've got some beautiful things there, I love the tiny tassel, and that set of furniture is one of my favourites too.
    I bet next year, even with giving yourself more time to look around, you still won't have enough time lol

  3. Hi Shannon! Extraordinary!!! That tassel and the scissors are Unbelievable! Your baskets and assorted dining accessories, plus the chair and the bunny, and the 2 little dolls that you re-discovered are all Wonderful! I LOVE FAIRS and your tiny treasures are Pleasure to see! Have lots of fun with them and thanks for sharing the experience. :))


  4. Shannon, fantastico todo. Gracias por comparirlo. Un beso

  5. The baby rabbit is gorgeous, I can see why you wanted that set, I want it too :D It's perfect.

  6. How can I purchase one of the blue tassels please.

    Kindest regards............Nancy

  7. Hello Can you please tell me how I can purchase a couple of the blue tassels you have shown. Thank you.

    Kindest regards...................Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy. These were made by a member of Victorian Association of Miniature Enthusiasts and I haven’t seen them at any of the miniature shows since I purchased this one. It’s beautiful isn’t it? You could try contacting VAME and asking them if they know who made it: