Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's Monday again...

And I'm not at work! It is fantastic! I have been working on some 1/2" scale house and furniture kits which I hope to be able to sell someday. I was hoping to be able to cut the prototypes with my KliknKut machine but I am really struggling to figure it out. So for now, will keeping plugging along and attempting to learn my machine when patience is abundant!

I have also been making quite a few accessories for the English house and thought I'd show you. 

Here is the piano, one of the kits I made up for my very first dollhouse. I want a really cluttered look on top of it, so will add some vases with flowers and feathers, some figurines and photo frames as well. I painted the clock, frame and candelabra, and hung a very cute vintage photo of a family in a tiny rowboat, taken in a studio with painted backdrop. It's very sweet.

I ordered the Houseworks resin bathroom as it looked the most like a 1920s bathroom to me.
 I don't think I like the washstand, but it needs something. What do you think of the layout? I want something interesting and realistic. I will add a shower curtain and have a go at making a shower head.

I made mini leadlight glass doors for the living and dining rooms, and am really happy with how they turned out. I drew the design in a drawing program, printed it out on heat resistent transparencies and then heat embossed with a dark grey metallic embossing powder. I intend to repeat the process for the bay windows and front door, once I've got a design drawn.

I also changed the rug in the living room. I like the warmer tones better. Still needing a sideboard or something for where the hutch is (I don't think this one suits).

And lastly is the master bedroom. I've hung some pictures, finished painting and glueing the bed ends together, and made two little silk lampshades for the candlestick lamps. I should take a closeup of those, they have little bows on them and look quite pleasing. To me anyway! Not sure about the chair in the corner. It looks OK in the photo actually, but in real life, it kind of looks too chunky.

I still need to attach the bed ends to the bed base, and not sure how to go about that. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my update and that you have a good week ahead. We are expecting rain and cold so good weather to be indoors.


  1. You have been busy, and I'm so glad that you're enjoying your time at home. I love your master bedroom. I have the same paper that I think I'll put in my nanny's room.....but I have a lot to do before I can even think about that :) Keep your posts coming, I'm enjoying them all...
    All the best

  2. I like your bathroom and bedroom But my favorite detail are he glass doors. You had a fantastic idea!


  3. It's looking fabulous! The glass door is a real highlight, you're so clever. (Thanks for your comment on my blog - it's amazing what can be done in a relatively short time frame once the commitment is made).

  4. Hi, just found your blog from your comment you kindly left me. I'm going to enjoy catching up.

  5. Hi Shannon! I finally found your blog! I couldn't trace it so I have to catch up in reading ;)!
    Your master bedroom looks fabulous, the glass doors are wonderful!
    Hugs, Ilona