Saturday, October 25, 2014

Results of my Rik Pierce course

Hi all. I am back in Australia with my Dudding Wells tearoom which hasn't been touched since the course finished. I had to make some tools and get some supplies, so no real progress.

The course was amazing. If you get the chance to join in, I highly recommend you do. Rik is a great guy and so willing to show you any of his techniques and tricks. He is an endlessly talented and inspiring man - makes me wonder what I'm doing with my life!

Not a lot to show at this stage, but here is part of the exterior, with my unpainted brickwork. I don't have the right colours of paint to finish it, so need to do some shopping for that. We have a limited selection of paints in our small town, so might need to get them online.

This is the interior of the upper floors. Having never used proper paperclay, I didn't know what to expect. I am now a convert. Unfortunately, having tried many types of air dry clays available here in Australia and found none that are remotely similar, I will be limited to buying the real thing online from the US.

This is the house in its box, ready to be shipped home:

If you have any doubts about doing a course because you will have trouble getting something like this home, don't. We boxed it pretty well (double-boxed actually) and checked it as additional baggage (which cost $95 pre-booked). With the heavy timber base, tools, paperclay and all house components (plus a few extra items of clothing used as packaging!) it weighed about 14kg. It was openned by the US customs people but they repacked it and taped it neatly. I think they were suss about the packages of paperclay!

Some quick photos of some souvenirs. This is a tiny teacup I bought at Shellie's Minis (where the workshop was held). She had beautiful stuff.

Some little teddy and bunny faces. Think I'll use these for cakes and the like.

My tiny dolly. She won't live in my Mountfield. Maybe she'll go in a half scale house.

All in all, the San Francisco area was fantastic, and we had an amazing time. 


  1. What a wonderful experience. I am so jealous. Lucky you. IndyPoppy

  2. Morning Shannon!

    I did one of Rik's classes last year and I would so love to do another one. He is a wealth of creative energy and loves a chat. Fairy Meadow Miniatures here in Oz sells the Creative Paperclay. I met Lorraine(owner)during Rik's class. She sends everything courier and she's a great lady as well. I had tried other brands as well and couldn't understand why I was failing so badly at it. The Creative brand really is so much better.You've inspired me now to get my Rosamund's Bower out and get it done!! Your trip sounds like it was a lot of fun! Be well! Carrie

  3. It seems like a wonderful mini holiday and your Rik Pierce project is well under way! Your experience was lovely to read about and your Beautiful souvenirs will continue to give you pleasure long after all of the jet lag has disappeared. :D


  4. Lucky you Shannon, sounds like a fantastic course, I love the look of paper clay, must try it sometime. I think your house will be well worth the trip, however I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but you seem to have sprouted some unusual features around the head area, just thought I should draw your attention to it, hehe.

  5. Ya veo que ha sido un curso interesante y muy bien aprovechado!!!

  6. Hi Shannon, how lucky you are to have done this class..jealous or what :) I'm dying to see how you progress with it! I wasn't going to say anything - good manners you know - but you might have a little (big) something extra on your head!
    All the best and take care