Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas already??

Wow, this year has gone quickly, and now we're not far off another Christmas and new year. I have been working on my Christmas house and although it is not quite finished, it only needs some more accessories (as I find them!) and some snow to the exterior. It is good to leave a certain amount undone, as there will be room for more accessories should I find them or want to make them. So I will try to post a few more blog posts over the next couple of weeks, showing some different views each time. For now, here's a few details that I hope you will like.

Little red clock and candy dish:

Mrs Claus's shoes all lined up:

Little red house in miniature:

(Ooops, just noticed the gaping hole where a tree fell off!! Note to self: find tree and reattach!)


  1. Me gusta mucho todo lo que has hecho para estas fechas navideƱas,la casa,sobre todo es preciosa!!!!

  2. I wouldn't have noticed the tree missing! That happens to me all of the time though, post production, something's gone astray :D Regardless, it's still fantastic, I love the shape of it and the decor. Love the fireplace with its bits and pieces too.

    Have a great Christmas! :)