Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Christmas house needs a fireplace

I initially didn't have a fireplace in the parlour of my little Christmas house, but a few months ago, looking at it, I realised, what sort of a Christmas house wouldn't have a fireplace? There is a stove in the kitchen but it's not the same. So I added one, despite not having a chimney. Who cares? I dug this one out of my stash and painted it up. It was originally earmarked for another project but I wanted it for here. It needs a hearth and a very small grate with fire as it is very shallow (probably should've added a chimney breast for extra depth but I only had a tiny bit of that wallpaper left and it wouldn't cover it). It was quite a job trying to cut off the skirting in situ. Something needs to go over the fireplace as a focal point. A wreath? A framed picture? Not sure. Maybe that will be next year's addition!

These are some of the accessories I've painted. Almost every accessory in this house is painted by me. Hope you like!


  1. I think that you made a wise desicion about adding a fireplace to your Christmas House. Fireplaces really add the feeling of "warmth" to the room and now just think of all the other little details that you will be able to play with... stockings, wreaths, swags, etc. I know that it must have been tricky getting the trims installed around the structure, but it all looks Great! Pat yourself on the back! :))
    And have a Very Merry Christmas

  2. Hi Shannon,
    Your fireplace is lovely. I agree, there's something homely and warm about a room with a fireplace; and especially at Christmas :)
    All the best

  3. Hi,
    you are a wonderful miniatures and a beautiful blog ..!!
    Compliments ..!!!
    Merry Christmas ..!!
    elvira of elviradollhouse :)

  4. De momento,tu casa tiene una preciosa chimenea con maravillosos detalles decorándola!!!
    Feliz Navidad!!!