Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy Australia Day!

Hello everyone from a sunny down under! We have had a lovely and productive Australia Day in the garden as well as cleaning out some hoarded stuff in order to shuffle some other stuff around. But we did have a barbecue lunch of course with snags and home-made tomato sauce, so it was pretty good! Now I am enjoying a particularly nice wine from an Australian winery, McHenry Hoehnen - check it out if you ever get the chance! 

Now, the real reason I am posting. A little update on my French chateau (which still needs a name - I am thinking of le petite monstre!). I am slowly getting the panels for the salon painted, but the paint needs multiple coats on the carved details, so it is slow going.

Here is the back wall with all the panels joined together and undercoated:

Here is the left side wall with the window openings:

The walls will be a couple of centimetres thick to allow for curtains and panels in the window cavities. Also, I want to give the impression of shutters tucked in behind the panels - in some rooms, I hope to have them actually fold out.

Here is the back wall panel painted in the cream topcoat before all the carving is painted:

I will add a thin moulding to match that already on the top of some of the panels (as can be seen in the above photo in the middle) and then add the cornice when the panels have been installed, and maybe a carved ceiling. Soon I will have some gatorfoam to construct other interior walls. Also, my darling husband bought me a belated anniversary present of a laser cutter, so if we can get it working, I will cut out some windows and parquet flooring and this room will really get moving. The rest of the structure has been designed around this room, so I won't be getting anything else done on the house until this room is installed. I suppose I could get going on the exterior, but that hinges on windows being installed. All in good time!

Hope you've all had a great weekend!


  1. Los paneles están quedando perfectos,un gran trabajo!!!

  2. What gorgeous panels! Did you design those yourself?

  3. Wow Shannon the panels are just gorgeous...I am looking forward to seeing more!!
    All the best

  4. Un trabajo magnífico!. Un saludo, Eva

  5. The panels are gorgeous. I looked at them in Kensington as well, but didn't buy them as the room I'd like them for won't be made until a few years yet. Now that I see them again I think I may yet buy them (if Robert still sells them). ;-)
    It will be a beautiful room! Will you be gilding the carvings?

  6. Hi Shannon, Thanks for checking out my blog! I love this project. I will be following it! Did you make the panelling? You asked me where I got my laser cutting done - I did it at the local university service (they have them for architecture students and design students). So sadly I cant help on that score!