Saturday, March 21, 2015

Question for Blogger geniuses

Hi again. I am wondering how you blogging folks get your photos to publish with crisp photos. Mine are always blurry. I've tried resizing them before uploading but it doesn't seem to work. Anyone got a trick? Maybe I need to make them smaller still. Would appreciate your tips!

And Janine, yes, real life and hobby time two blur! I am making the kits that I myself want. I work on them one day a week currently, but hope to increase that time mid-year! 

Keep mini-ing everyone!


  1. Hi Shannon! I am still NOT having 100% success with my shots but I have successfully used a small flexible tripod and a 10 second timer on my camera, providing I have a level surface to prop the tripod on. If I am holding the camera freestyle, then I have to have a solid support to brace and steady my hand with otherwise fuzzy photos are more often than not.

  2. I always turn the macro on so it's not blurry etc. I often don't show photo's with the flash on as it kills off the real life colour...if I showed more with the flash on, the photo's are very crisp.

    Michelle ;o))

  3. Maybe you don't have the image stabilization selection on your camera enabled? It is very often a choice that has to be turned on by using the menu selections in the camera.

  4. I never resize images, always upload at original size and then set them at Large. Maybe check the settings on your camera, so that the picture size is at it's highest. More dots per inch.

  5. P.s. I hope this helps you too. On your digital camera you can also set it to best quality, as well as large size, I think.... Just set everything to HIGH and BEST :D

    this website might help.

  6. Hi Shannon, As a fellow fuzzy picture sufferer, I have discovered the free webservice at It can hide a world of sins after the fact. I've been able to rescue several photos that otherwise I could not have used. Its easy to use, and can really help with exposure, fuzziness etc.