Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tiny dollies!

A quick post of some tiny dolls I made yesterday. Well, I only finished off the big doll, and she will go in my 1" scale doll shop. The other tiny ones will stay in this 1/2" doll shop.


  1. Oh Shannon! These tiny dolls are ADORABLE!!!! They look just like some that you might find from the 20's and 30's. The faces and the costumes are truly Wonderful, and You are AMAZING! :D

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! They are actually Patsy miniatures, so yes, 30s onwards I think. I have Patsy dolls in real life too (although reproductions, not originals). I need to perfect the mix though and harden it as these are too soft.

  3. My mother had a paper mache baby doll when she was a little girl and although it got wrecked over the years, your little dolls reminded me of hers. Whatever your method may be, the results of your technique look totally authentic! :))