Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Trials and tribulations of the novice laser cutter

Well, it has taken me considerably longer than I would've hoped to get more kits up for sale but I am slowly getting somewhere. I think. The laser cutter, laptop and myself seem to have fairly different world views. There have been quite a few scraps along the way, the laptop had to be let go in favour of a much newer version and I have learnt a lot about myself and the way that I want to be able to run things. I have even redesigned (or rather in the process of redesigning) all the cabriole legs on my furniture pieces. So what I have photographed below won't be the final product. I am excited with my new work, and although many of the kits I had almost ready to go may take a little longer, the finished product will be far superior (famous last words??).

I installed the doll shop cabinets and some more little pieces of furniture.

Little owl having a lonely tea party:

View of the entry, which is about done I think:

The kitchen and salon:

A closer view of the fireplace, with my poor attempt at marbling:

I have two versions of this fireplace. This one is for rooms where there is no room for a chimney breast, and it has the metal cover on the front (no actual opening/hearth). The other has an opening/hearth for when there is room for a chimney breast. You can also see the cabriole legs on the green table. I am in the process of changing those out for better ones.

I am really struggling to get materials also. Australian businesses just don't stock much in the way of miniature timber supplies, so I have resorted (at least temporarily) to buying from the US and UK. I wish it was easier and quicker but that's the way it goes.

Hope your week is going well folks.


  1. La estantería de las muñecas,se ve preciosa!! Todas las habitaciones tienen un aspecto tan acogedor,me gusta mucho!!