Saturday, April 2, 2016

Exceptions to architectural rules?

Hello folks! I am up early today, as our daylight saving finished last night, and it's a lovely sunny morning worth getting up for. 

So the reason for this blog post is Australian homes. I generally think Australian architecture is very different to most American (and other) architecture. We do have a lot of California bungalows, which I absolutely adore. Also some of the Tudor style homes built in the 1920s are very similar. Other than that, there aren't a lot of other similarities. Last night, I was looking through some internet photos of Australian Federation homes, and found this Gothic revival home:

I think it is in Tasmania. Anyway, I was struck by how similar it is to the American Gothic architecture. It's really not something you see much of here. It lead me to think that there are always exceptions to rules. And cross-overs with architecture.

I have put together my Sid Cooke Coxwolds kit and paperclayed the exterior. I was going for a Cotswolds stone, but then at the time I was doing this, I saw a lot of photos of old stone houses in Tasmania, and thought it could be Australian instead. Yet to decide.

On that note, I will sign off. Hope your weekend has been good so far. Take care everyone.


  1. There were a lot of builder's pattern books in the late 1800's and early 1900's. A great many of those old books are now available as copyright free downloads from places such as

    The 1950's on through up until the internet websites took over it was all about magazines featuring house plans.

    Nice old house, good bones and lots of pleasing detail and proportions. Thank you for posting it :)

    1. Don't get me started Karin! I'll never stop looking! Haha! I love house plans, especially old house plans. I really should've followed the architecture path (lessons learnt and all that...).

  2. Hope we can see your Cotswold kit soon…

    1. I might post a pic this weeken Si. It is just very white, and may stay that way until I decide if it should be sandstone or bluestone. I think I'll struggle with getting a bluestone paint wash, but it is calling loudly....

  3. I also love this Victorian Gothic style of architecture! There is a new-ish home not too far from my house that reminds me of the "House of Seven Gables", with gothic bones minus the gingerbread trims.
    The house that you have featured is a Real Beauty and I think that YOU need to miniaturize it! :D
    And Like Simon says, I too would like to see your Cotswold Cottage - hint hint

  4. I do want to make a Gothic cottage Elizabeth! Maybe a brick English one? But then, maybe not... So many ideas, and only one lifetime. I am thinking two different kits each year. Is that doable??