Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blogger advice

Hi all. Thankyou to those lovely bloggers who responded with some advice. Karin found these instructions, fortunately:

Worked perfectly! The issue was, on my ipad, the pencil icon was hidden from view as the web page is wider than my ipad screen - it is on the far right. So if you are having problems too, try scrolling sideways in case your icons are hidden.

Also, there is an orange button at the bottom right of the page (the home page where you make all your changes, have your blog list etc) to provide feedback. I know it probably doesn't get read but do it anyway. I have. And they did change a lot of the annoying Pinterest features they introduced last year after receiving feedback, so maybe they do listen. Who knows???

Enjoy your day everyone!


  1. Hi Shannon!
    Glad that you got your issues with Blogger straighten out, but I have to agree with you about Pinterest- What A MESS that is! I Don't like the new format, and as a result it has cut down the HOURS AND HOURS I used to spend on it!!!!

    come to think of it- perhaps the new format is not such a bad thing after all?


  2. Yes I can understand, and probably good for getting other things done! They have changed back some of the things I disliked (for example, boards are arranged in lines of 3 now, so you don't need to scroll through a verrry looong list) but there are still a few things that could be better. Don't get me started on Youtube! Haha!