Sunday, March 8, 2009

New furniture

Finally the rooms are starting to look a little more finished. Here is a picture of an unfinished hutch that I painted, antiqued and filled. I handpainted most of the minis inside, except for the silver teaset (which is mostly hidden). The bottom shelf will have some linen, but I have not made that yet.

This shows the whole dining room. I am not sure I like the chairs though. They might get changed later.

I made a screen for the bedroom, based on the one in Lea Frisoni's book. I think it's quite cute but may need some 'cord' trim on the inside of the frame bits. I printed the fabric on my home printer.

The last thing I want to show you is a small folding table I made. I am not sure that I like it here. I don't think it matches. Maybe if I added a lace tablecloth?? Don't know. It is temporary for now!


  1. Oh Shannon, like everything you do this is just stunning. I LOVE the hutch. I could quite happily live in that little house.
    Don't know if it's just my computer but the third and fourth pictures aren't showing up.

  2. The hutch looks fantastic!

    I do like the chairs in the dining room, but not with that table. It looks like you have the makings for two different dining sets.

    The screen is gorgeous. I think you are right about it needing some trim. But the fabric looks great. Wish my printer worked that well.

    Have you considered adding a lace 'skirt' around the folding table? It almost seems a shame to cover up the nice job you did on it though.

    I can't wait to see more of your minis!

  3. Love your hutch, you did a beautiful job of antiquing it!

  4. Hi Shannon
    What a beautiful, your house is stunning! The hutch is gorgeous, but I'm not sure about the table either.
    Where did you get the plan for your house? It's quite unique!

  5. Lovely, the hutch is exactly what I'd like in real life! the folding table is a bit too squarish beside the bed, needs some "softening" but do not cover it completely because is very nice. My printer will never allows me that precision but it is a good idea to make your own fabric. Your house is coming out beautifully.

  6. It´s a lovely room, and wonderful furnitures!
    I also admire your cafĂ©, I´m building a roombox which is going to be one by my self...I just love the pillows on the bench.


  7. Hi Shannon. Love your house. You have made some amazing work:)

  8. Shannon the Hutch looks wonderful.

  9. Hi

    I just found your blog and I love your style and creativity. So inspirational for my own dollhouse.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Shannon, I love that hutch! That's exactly what I would like for my dolls' house too. I also love your doors. I have been trying to find Lea's book myself, and hope I come across it soon.
    Mini Hugs,