Friday, March 13, 2009

Another award!

Thanks Rosanna for the award. And I must also give a belated thank you to Deb for her award given on the 5th March. It is so lovely to know that people enjoy reading my blog!

I do not have too much to post right now, so I'll scrounge up some pics of other peoples stuff to keep you inspired!

Here is a gorgeous English cottage and I can't remember the website I got it from. I intend to do this to the Aster cottage one day.

Here is someone's Greenleaf Glencroft kitchen, they are on the Greenleaf forum. I think it looks adorable. I am loving the Glencroft at the moment and am working on plans to make it in 1/2" scale to save on room.

And lastly is a very cute little cottage and again, no idea where it came from. Would look great in miniature.


  1. There is yet another award for you over on my blog. Come pick it up if you like. :-)

  2. Hi Shannon,
    And yet another award at my place!

  3. Hello,
    I have an award for you, pick it up from my blog if you like:-)

  4. I recognize the green table :)
    It's an older picture from my Glencroft, the table has since been painted white and moved to the other wall in Mary's house.

  5. What a gorgeous little cottage! That looks like one from a flower & garden show. Too pretty to be real ♥