Sunday, March 1, 2015

Little French armoire

Hello all. A quick post again on another kit I've designed. This one a French armoire with glass (acrylic) doors. It is not complete. I couldn't get the cutter to cut all the parts correctly, but the major parts worked fine. Another couple of small refinements to the drawings and finding the right wood and it's ready to go!

Here is a photo of the waste from learning how to cut, what materials, cutter speed, etc etc etc. 

And here is a pic of the kit which has finally worked:
On the right side of the photo is a trumeau mirror in two sizes which still needs some tweaking. The smallest is too small and the larger is OK - a relatively large mirror - but the trim needs adjusting.

It's so satisfying to be making significant progress and learning so much from the cutting and designing process. Thanks too for the encouragement and tips from various blog readers. It's really appreciated. Enjoy your week!


  1. Just a general tip for any new to laser cutting users.

    Figuring out the kerf width your laser makes is pretty important. If you know that then you can more reliably make the needed offsets in your cutting files and have fewer instances of parts that require adjustment.

    So an easy way to do that is to cut a length of the wood you want to make your pieces from. Measure the length with your digital calipers. Then make a cut across it with the laser. Then put the pieces side by side and measure again. The difference is the kerf width. It is best to repeat this test several times so you get an average rather than relying on one single sample. Remember on your cut lines along the edges of pieces that you will be offsetting their location by only half of the kerf width rather than the whole width.

  2. Neat and very detailed!I would be interested.

  3. Hi Shannon. You are going really well. No-one would believe the hard work and effort 'behind the scenes' into preparing your kit! Well done! I too, would be interested in your kits when you have them up and running.... The armoire already looks lovely.
    All the best

  4. This is a wonderful cabinet, Shannon.
    I see you've got some good advise for laser cut work too :D! Good luck!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  5. Hi Shannon! I am LOVIN' your prototype and I too am looking forward to your kits when they hit the market
    Beautiful work and Beautiful Design. :D