Monday, August 31, 2015

Duddingwells in morning sunshine

Hello everyone. The week has only just started but I hope it's been kind to you. Kinder than it has been to me. I spent my morning working on my furniture kit designs ( I am decidedly not good at it) and by lunchtime I was a little over them. So I decided to spend some time tidying up my craft room. I was on a chair rearranging stuff on a shelf and dropped a drawer full of 1/2" scale Bespaq. Yep, splinters of furniture everywhere. Not good. So spent an hour glueing all the bits back together again. Sigh. I did have a few bits left over which must be from bits of furniture that are no longer in the drawers. So now I need to track down their owners. Maybe tomorrow. They are all on my chair, so I can't sit on it until I find their rightful place.

Anyway, I was really posting as I was working on the landscaping of my Duddingwells on Sunday. I went up to my craft room early Sunday morning and the light was streaming through the window, and straight through the window of Duddingwells. It was casting a beautiful light and really makes the rooms come alive.

I was really lucky to find a few bits of plastic plants when I took my doggy to her eye specialist appointment last week, so Duddingwells now has some large ferns and a daisy bush. I have started some stone walls for the garden, which I hope to make look like they are crumbling. I will show some photos next week. I am quite happy with how it's coming along. Next step is buying some flower kits (foxgloves, daffodils, hollyhocks, maybe some hellebores). Given I no longer work, we are on reduced play money, so fewer minis unfortunately.... Still, I am happier and I hope to have my mini kits up for sale really soon, so maybe then I will have a little extra income.

Hope you have a great week! Mini on everyone!


  1. Hi Shannon, the natural light streaming through the windows of your mini house looks great!
    Bit of a blow breaking some of the Bespaq but so easy to do.
    Elizabeth on StudioEMiniatures gives lots of hints and inspiration for mini gardening that does not break the bank. We miniaturists love a challenge.
    Regards Janine

  2. Hi Shannon,
    I think I would have died if I dropped that drawer!! Good on you for keeping a cool head and just getting it sorted.
    It's amazing how light can capture different feeling to a room. Your pictures are lovely, so real!
    All the best

  3. How awful! I've just unboxed my houses after a house move and was worried I would find a lot of breakages but it's only been one or two things that needed glueing. Luckily my Bespaq purchases were still in their original delivery carton so I assume all is well there. Will find out this weekend as I will be unpacking them probably. Hope you match up the extra pieces with their rightful homes.

  4. I particularly like your second pic, it all looks very restful. Good luck with the gardening and the Bespaq task!