Saturday, August 8, 2015

Exterior of Mountfield and some redecorating

Hello again everyone. Hoping you are having a great weekend. After a cold and wet week, we are enjoying some sunshine. And subsequently getting laundry done... Sigh!

I wanted to post some photos of the exterior of my Mountfield. It's getting very close to being done, save for some more landscaping. There are still a few things left to go, like some more aging, fixing the gable trim (undecided on what it will look like, plus the laser cutter isn't working) and replacing the windows with my own leaded glass designs. You can see I gussied up the front door a bit with some wood mouldings and brass stampings. I am quite happy with it, even though I know much of it doesn't match the true age the house is supposed to be.

Also, I added some picture rail to the lounge and dining rooms, with a plain paper above it. This is something I've been thinking about for ages, as I just found it all too bland. I purchased two different coloured scrapbook papers at the local craft shop and fortunately they went well with the papers. I just glued strips of it over the wallpaper and stuck the picture rail over the join. I think I just need to recover the chairs in the lounge though.

Was really stoked I finally remembered to buy a fire whatsit guard thingo (the word escapes me right now) for the dining room - the shiny brass thing out front of the fireplace - but it is too small. I guess I'll need to order a Phoenix one same as the lounge one. The paper I added is a pale grey/stone colour.

The entry is about done. You can see a little pair of plain brown ladies shoes beside the table. They are just metal ones I painted. I think the basket needs something too, maybe some dried greenery or twigs.

In the photo below you can see the Chrysnbon Edwardian telelphone on the wall. It is hard to see, but like having things in cupboards, I think it's nice to have a few slightly hidden details that you have to hunt out.

Hope you are having a great weekend wherever you are.


  1. So many lovely details here Shannon. I love the interior door, the boater on the staircase, the frilly cushions and the overall atmosphere you are creating. The hallway tiles are perfect too. Lovely project.

  2. Nice work :)

    I especially like the arched entry.

  3. I am enamored with the layout and the entrance of this house and also the Beautiful way that you have re-furbished the walls. The papers are perfect and have a very Victorian feel to them and the dividing rail between the two give the room visual height, added color and interest and the walls more Presence which is such a "Victorian thing"! :D It is all very cosy and comfortable looking and the hat on the newel post as well as the abandoned brown shoes are the terrific little details which I adore! :))

  4. Progress is great here. I love all your little details like the shoes and the hat - it makes look so lived in and the rooms are all very welcoming.

  5. This house is beautiful, such attention to detail. I'm in love with the front door and entrance way!